EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 138 of 195  
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Olena Vasyk (UKRAINE), Iryna Tsyba (UKRAINE), Olena Makagon (UKRAINE), Oleg Selivanov (UKRAINE), Dmytro Nechvolod (UKRAINE), Tetyana Mytrofanova (UKRAINE)
Who am I?
I am a man of ХХІ century.
My psyche is not-stable 'cause all around is stable.
I wake up and I know what will be today. What exactly?
Just the same as yesterday and as tomorrow.
I will go at work in short way, as well as in that day when I've got this job.
I will just say “Hi” to Karl. Karl is my baker. He will give me a poppy loaf without any words.
For these almost 8 years he already knows my preferences.
I am a habitant of EVERYVILLE.
I am respected and static. I got used. I am stable and I am terrified
Who am I?
I am a city of ХХІ century
I am stable. I am static. I am clamped and I’m sad
Guys from Ukraine brought me a game. "Pyatnashki" is the funny name, isn't it? There are movable cells in a framed square and just only one remains free to make possible relocation of other cells. Staying in frame of allowed space they could change their places with one another and find themselves near other neighbors
Now I know what to do