EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 8 of 195  
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Livia Valentini (ITALIA), Serena Muccitelli (ITALIA), Azzurra Muzzonigro (ITALIA), Nicoletta Mosco (ITALIA), Daniela Patti (ITALIA)
In the beginning everything around was empty, undistinct land.
Then the menace that the growth of Megalopolis would have subsituded every centimetre of earth with homogeneous cement frightned citizens. They would have fought against it with all their strenght.
To everyone the contact with Nature was necessary.
Citizens were tired of living between the Motorway and the Shopping Mall, caged in their houses.
After many discussions here comes an idea, a chance of saviour.
The city of the future would have become the net of connection between the nearby centres.
The web would have been created by urbanized bands, and would have defined parts of territory finally free from sprawl.
The bands would have overlayed on the territory regulating a sequence of dense edification and coltivated land.
The band would have defended the land as much as the houses, confirming the relationship of interdependence between City and Countryside.