EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 168 of 195  
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Saovanee Sethiwan (THAILAND), Tim Thianthai (UNITED STATES)

Imagine EveryVille as the city where diversity becomes unity. In order to give EveryVille a sense of community and a truly unique character, a radical change in the perception of a "city" is needed. We proposed an alternative "face" that will reflect the "body" of the community. The rooftop areas of the city, the architectural “facades” that are often overlooked, are linked together to create “SkyScape.” On the SkyScape, retail stores can create ads and display windows on top of their units, grade schools can turn their entire rooftop into a city's playground, individual residents can turn their rooftop into an elegant garden, or it can remain a meaningless void. As time goes by, while EveryVille's SkyScape remains unique, diverse, and recognizable, its boundary can expand, contract, or simply disappear along with the community to which it belongs. Thus, its success is not determined simply by the plan that it implements, but the community it embodies.