EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 7 of 10
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Simonetta Rossetti (ITALIA), Thomas Bisiani (ITALIA)
Everyville, also known as the alphabet city is not a generic place, but a town with a very special characteristic that give it a strong urban identity: every streets, avenues, squares and urban places are entitled to the letters. It’s the first typographic city, where the letters, put in a 3d environment, assume architecture’s meaning and scale. The urban perspectives, visual anchors, public spaces are dominated by words. This is a new dimension, in between public space and buildings. Usually this space in “2dimensions and half” is full of graphic superstrings, logos, infos, commercials and politic messages. This semantic tissue (like architecture) is continuous, pervasive, often pollutive, nevertheless all urban environments deprived of that dimension appears empty, strangers, nearly hostile. Can we compare this space to a wilderness, a place without author, an unforeseen landscape still to conquer? We propose to define Everyville’s identity only by using this material.