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Ming Thompson (UNITED STATES)
Exurban Wild
Everyville is thriving. Indiana enacted legislation offering tax benefits to telecom companies, and this flatland town is growing.Developers oversee the construction of low-cost, inoffensive subdivisions, and retail establishments follow. Everyville is an instant town, but neither community nor placemaking can happen so quickly. For a child here, there is no history or variation upon which to build an adventure or understanding of the world. The houses are devoid of character, and the already flat land was smoothed and emptied. Plants were beaten back, soil tamped, and wilderness pushed to the periphery. I propose to peel away at Everyville's newness and consistency, and to reinsert lumps of wilderness. These lumps will build a character of place for Everyville. They will be places to play, to find respite in nature, and to resist the modern plague of inactivity. Planted with grass, kudzu, shrubs,and trees, these lumps are made of soil and rock displaced by Everyville's construction.