EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 22 of 40
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Miguel Angel Flores Vazquez (MEXICO), Eloisa Sanchez de Alba (MEXICO)
56kbps community
Most people living in everyville are every-21stcentury-human pursuing everyday every-modern-way-of-life. Ideals of this 21stcentury-human are hard to define, he’s always moving. Trying to stop the incessant movement of the world of this 21sthuman to redefine its organization is impossible. Trying to imagine these people static is illogic. Nowadays there are some well consolidated but virtually isolated communities around the world: wikipedia, youtube, hi5, soulseek, etc. and actually some of their members live in everyville. This fact invites us to create a balance between the possibilities of the digital-virtual life and the limitations of the local and physical interaction. The action implements an urban system that combines both physical and digital facilities whether in an abandoned building, unsold plot or any public unused space. This system attempts to activate community experience. Extend the public space with help of technology and personal electronic devices.