EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 37 of 40
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Federico Perugini (ITALIA), Silvia Bellotti (ITALIA), Daniela Vassura (ITALIA), Valerio Socciarelli (ITALIA), Edoardo Saba (ITALIA)
I heard that something amazing is happening in Everyville.
While walking people follow arbitrary directions, joining someone never seen before.
When setting out on a route, nobody is never afraid to change it, for joining other travel mates.
It is possible to choose to rest anywhere you like, Everyville’s old women offer tea in their houses, trees bow to create a shade, streets bend to create benches. In Everyville it is possible to choose to stay on your own, but when you are with someone else, you can be like you desire to be, and use words to give things a deep meaning.
Everyone has a key for all the doors, but no one needs to use it, since they are not closed.
Whoever lives in Everyville can learn a language just by speaking with a stranger and improvises a tune each time another person arrives. I decided to go looking for Everyville.