EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 17 of 40
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Daniele Gennara (ITALIA), Alessandro Armellini (ITALIA), Filippo Bolognese (ITALIA), Clara Lopez (ITALIA)
I believe in human being as a social animal.
I believe in the city as a place of aggregation, communion and interaction among people.
I believe in a better city, in a machine for living able to respond again to the principle of community in which has been originated and which has been gradually lost in contemporary, sprawled hyper cities.
I believe in a self-sufficient city, compact, spatially defined that completely erases the distance both physical and psychological among its inhabitants.
I believe in a city-building that can take place anywhere and in any condition.
I believe in the results achieved by the vertical city.
I believe in axis Z.
I believe in the results that a summary space among the three axes Cartesian lead.
I believe in a city founded on the three-dimensionality of space and relationships.
I believe in space capable of generating situations among individuals.
I believe in the community³.
I do believe.
I do.
I do.