EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 47 of 195  
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Andrea Montello Huebel (ITALIA), grazia mappa (ITALIA), Elena Chiarandini (ITALIA), Davide Mircovich (ITALIA), Sara Caselli (ITALIA), arwen emy sfregola (ITALIA)
Strong and flexible. It relates to tradition but meanwhile renews it. It creates but doesn’t pollute. It grows extremely quickly, such as Megalopolis does: it compares itself to the city. Tool and subject matter of research in Everyville. Landscape for the elderly sitting in the park. Notebook for the administrators. Science research for pupils as well as for the graduates working in the Research Institute. Phone for the teenagers’ chatting and up-to-date clothes in the town centre shop. Hobby for green-fingered people. Shape and material of the cutting – edge built. Sine qua non of the whole existence and of the future itself of Everyville.