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albert abut (japan)
Sound harmony
The vibrating stripes can provide sounds, such as huge harps, giving to this already unique installation the possibility to stay interactive with dj’s coming to this place in order to create musical compositions. The solar south park will enable to swing the valleys at desired major events. The stripes can also be adjusted to different patterns and can produce minimal sounds if necessary.
The green promenade
Beside being an energy generating motor at the bridge, the tunnel sections, will provide space for the excess energy storage and parking. The car parks will facilitate delivery and public service (fire brigade, police, ambulances...). Cafes and restaurants are to be built by private lessors. This portion of the rehabilitated highway will be for pedestrians only with shadowy areas under the trees and fresh areas around small ponds. The cantilevering decks of these cafes and restaurants will provide breathtaking views of the valleys and of the sea.