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carlos lafi (dominican republic), belkis espinal lafi (dominican republic)
The overall intervention implies the human action of giving back to the landscape part of what was taken but in a new symbiotic way. Hanging plants and trees follow a slope which starts on the near hills and from the distance creates the illusion of a thin layer of vegetation floating and conquering the bridge pillars. A consecutive metaphor of engineering supporting nature, nature as a base of a new engineering and in the end an organic solar cloud that sometimes shows itself as a permeable hill.Inside The Cloud the concept repeats again in a deeper level, like going inside a fractal. The sunlight feels like travelling below a layer of patched clouds, but the structures are like braches, so now the cloud becomes a tree and the rhomboidal solar panels are leaves of a new tree. A cloud below a sky, trees below a tree, a hanging hill, these are the components of this new symbiotic relation where the whole system is photosynthesis inside photosynthesis.