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benoƮt durandin (greece), katerina chrysanthopoulou (greece)
Scenario: Creation of aquaponic farms extending throughout the old highway along with a network of promenades and light facilities.
Definition: Aquaponics is a closed, hybrid system of soiless agriculture and pisciculture already being widely implemented thanks to its capacity to reduce water consumption up to 90%. Beyond answering to questions of sustainability, it brings economical and touristic benefits to the region creating jobs and helps develop a research and educational pole. The fish and vegetables supply an open, live market where people can choose from and taste the products on the spot, in a small cantina.
Landscape: Placing an artificial nature that stretches within and around the former highway and colonizes its spectacular architectural features not in an intrusive but symbiotic manner. This wide network of tubes, plants, water and fish is an open laboratory that produces a new topography including hanging gardens, covered spaces and suspended stalactite-like units.