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sandro corradi (italy)
The ultra light steel structure hosts photovoltaic 50% translucent panels, collects rainwater for irrigation needs and represents a protection for the bikes lane and electric bus stations. This is a solar driven bus-train, basically a train on rubber tires instead of rail tracks to minimize noise.
Wind generators installed among some viaduct arcades, together with the solar roof, will provide energy to whole solar park. In the last decades a new sensibility towards nature and environment has been developed and a new design philosophy has been achieved. In order to minimise the ecological impact and the system pay back time, the wind blades here presented are made up of green composites materials. The laminate is mainly constituted by bamboo fibers and the pay back time reduces to 5 weeks, instead of 6 years for solar panels and 3 years for conventional wind blades.
The two glass buildings, hosting the renewable energy department, will remote control all the solar energy production.