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sandro corradi (italy)
Seen from the dramatic scenario set at 200 m above the see level, the Costa Viola is a magnetical experience with a strong emotional impact on the visitor’s mind.
To maintain and to enhance this momentum is what defines our project, centered on a 10 km tour which may be walked, biked and ride by train, with tourist attractions and excursions on surrounding territory. At each end, two safety glass buildings (thermal and sound protected), each 300 sqm, will be erected, housing the Renewable Energy Dpt. and tourists office.
When possible, as along Costa Viola viaduct, the North lane pavement will be widened to 22 m in order to host several attractions (children play-grounds, sun bathing areas, climbing areas, bungee jumping, land art excursions) and to acoustically isolate the underlying South lane.
Large areas will assure privacy and pleasant surroundings to family’s picnics. Some small auditoriums will host live or recorded music and theater pieces.