SPEKTRUM home yderlandsvej 1. 2300 copenhagen S.
Spektrum is a Copenhagen based drawing office founded by Nathan Muelas, Sofie Willems, Kira Snowman, Joan Nielsen, and Stine Christiansen. In record time, Spektrum has managed to create their name and in their short span of existence, they have already received a number of prizes. Earlier this year, the drawing office won 1. prize for Knud Beach in Denmark and 2. prize in Belgian Europan the international architecture competition for young architects. Later, the office won 1. prize in the competition for drawing Esbjerg Esplanade in Denmark. A 1 km.long beach promenade that includes an ocean swimming pool and a sailing club. The Esbjerg project is currently being realized. The office won first prize in the competition for experimental social housing in Madrid , Spain.This housing competition was won in 2005 and it is now under realization.