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Mauro Bellora was born in Turin (Italy) in 1976. He took his degree at First University of Architecture of Politecnico of Turin in February 2002, with a degree thesis called Urban project for Porta Nuova Area in Turin (sup. Prof. Emanuele Levi Montalcini). Now he is attending Doctorate of Research at University of Architecture of Politecnico of Turin, with research thesis called Contructive and technical reasons of architectural composition (Tutor Prof. Emanuele Levi Montalcini, co-tutor Prof. Marco Trisciuoglio). He is teaching assistant in design and restoration courses (Prof. Marco Trisciuoglio). In October 2005 he take part in International Seminar of Ravenna (Italy) Theory and practice of construction: knowledge, means, models with a work called Teaching design. A research about architectural teaching methodology from two doctorate thesis, published in seminar proceedings with Verena Caetano da Silveira. Now he is editing the book 8 or 80 Composition lessons with Barbara Melis and Verena Caetano da Silveira. In 2004, with Luca Selvini, is selected for second run of International Architecture competition for the design of the new town hall of San Giovanni Teatino (fifth place). He take part at national and international workshops and architectural competitions. In 2002 he opened his architecture studio in Turin and in 2005 he founded MGA4studio with Giuliana Morisano.