X-TERN   via Haller 20, 39012 merano (bz)-italy
X-11 KOESSLER Laives (Bz), Italy  
design team: Salvo Di Silvestro, Marco de Fonzo, Giorgio Gottardi_ The particular (and not at all favourable) conditions of the site where this 9 apartments building is built and the clients’ requests had a strong influence in the final design. At a certain point, in fact, it almost seemed that there was no solution for the equation. The result was eventually reached playing with a contraposition of symmetry/asymmetry and with an interesting interpenetration of solids. In order to maximize the architectural effectiveness of this latter design concept, the façades of the different solids are finished with different materials and colours. The south-west façade is clad with grey HLP panels and is enriched by the presence of large irregular balconies, while the north-east façade (facing a very busy street) shows a delicate stoneware facing interrupted by smaller balconies.