X-TERN   via Haller 20, 39012 merano (bz)-italy
5 piazze per Catania, 1a fase: Piazza Michelangelo Catania, Italy - 2005  
Design team: Salvo Di Silvestro, Marco de Fonzo, Giorgio Gottardi - Strategy and architectural concept_ The general strategy for the new Piazza Michelangelo (currently more a parking lot than a proper “piazza”) was to create a well defined urban interior through the use of architectural “tools” (code-names: “HatchWall” and “Podium”) with strong identity potential. The life of the square is currently concentrated on the borders (especially the western one) under the existing porticos. The main attempt was then to let the “life” conquer the larger central space by protecting it with the “Hatchwall” and putting it on a higher level (the “Podium”), preventing the cars to have access to the entire area. On the podium some surface was dedicated to street performers while small and simple “boxes” with low-design-presence were put to host “piazza equipments” such as book-shops, bars, ice-cream stands, etc.