X-TERN   via Haller 20, 39012 merano (bz)-italy
X-48 [TALKING PAVEMENT] Merano (BZ), Italy, 2014-2016  
In this particular case the Piazza shows two main parts: the “lower” one (“Piazza Duomo inferiore”, on the west side) and the “upper” one (“Piazza Duomo superiore”) on the east side where the Steinach neighbourhood begins. The two largest parts are connected by a narrow junction area facing the southern elevation of the Duomo. The “lower” (western) part was refurbished some years ago and it's paved with porphyry, while the “upper” piazza remained with an asphalt pavement and no particular intervention. This latter circumstance, the lack of a proper centre of attraction and the presence of a small parking lot gave the eastern side of the square an undefined character and a perceived air of decay and abandonment. In other words, the two parts of the piazza seemed to have different lives and appeals, not being “felt” as an integrated and interacting unicuum. _ Photo credits: © 2016 X-TERN architects+urban planners