EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 59 of 195  
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Miha Volgemut (SLOVENIA)
My proposal in general is about subterranean city, interiorized city space, that behaves according to the intensities in space. In order to reinterpret the traditional city, which is based on sun, air, green and public places, I introduce also a digital, mono-sensual, progressive city; so the combination of both constitutes the fields of intensities, that the city is able to use to colonize the commercial life. Figuratively I push the whole city life into one big shopping mall and increase the intensities to produce truly productive social space.
The inhabitant who lives in this city is caught in the ecological loop, where the environmental properties together with the inhabitant’s nature constitutes a certain urban ecology. So he/she can adopt the nature of his/her work, activities, taste, character, desires etc. to the specific intensities in the city. So the whole city should work like one big apartment and social living room.