EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 20 of 40
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michael edler (GERMANY)
Everyville can be compared with an unfurnished apartment at an urban scale. Its inhabitants are invited to furnish it.
Since settling can easily fail, furniture should be uninstallable without effort, in a way to leave any traces when leaving the place.
The people of Everyville won't need any developers - they build houses by their own ideas.
It will be possible to cultivate vegetables in the gardens of Everyville.
"Working, relaxing, dwelling" constitute one unit that offers a multitude of options in everyday life and also reduces traffic by commuting.
The inhabitants of Everyville may be aware of their responsibility to shape their life by inherited knowledge of their parents under addition of personal experience.
Step by step the community can organize its skills, focussing on the ability to build and plan their own homes later on and give them "Gestalt".