EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 19 of 40
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Christian Blum (SWITZERLAND), Haytham Nawar (SWITZERLAND)
Urban aur(or)a borealis
Urban aur(or)a borealis - Concept

Everyday life is the rational life.
The night is the time of dreams and open senses.
In the darkness of the night, an artificial light illuminates you, creates random accents and situations, it’s a telepathy contact: a new life begins,
a life with shadows of light .. let things happen and open an imaginary window of dreams and stories ..

.. The beauty behind the window, and the eye contact with me.
.. The light in the entrance there, green-blue, côte d’azur blue ?
.. The dancing light in the leaves of a lime.
.. The play of silhouettes on the dirty façade.

The light line brings the coincidences together to a story path.
Guides the inhabitants and the visitors from one point of urban being to another.

The light line is an urban (public) aurora borealis with inner (private) stories around it.
Places go to scenes, become stories. A story about you, a story about me. Everyone becomes a sensitive belonging of everyville.