EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 88 of 195  
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ROSARIA ANGELUCCI (ITALIA), daniela ramini (ITALIA), valerio ramini (ITALIA), marika serafini (ITALIA), arianna rosatelli (ITALIA)
The reality in which men live is losing its vital lynph. What will happen is that Nature won’t be able to support man anymore. Man must bring his reality back to being Nature, making himself a life-bearer. If it’s true that man lives reality through his sensitiveness, only by the projection of his senses on Earth, which he himself has made dry and tired, Nature will rise again. Given that the world’s ordinative principle is Water, it will be Man who will bring Water to Reality, the only one who will be able to live in a collettivity where Nature will be granted to him again.In the new housing trim, men won’t neglet the environment anymore, they’ll satisfy (instinctively guided by their recovered sensitiveness towards the new city-house) their present needs without compromising the future generations’ possibilities. The housing facility for Ever. Will form this way: men wisely laying themselves and their needs/instincts down on Earth.