EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 87 of 195  
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Federica Zama (ITALIA)
The city, as due to its dynamic character, the services and stimuli it offers, is an essential stage, a resting place and the re-departure base for every journey.

A space-city in a rapidly changing world, described by people who move from city to city in the discovery of “somewhere else”.
The modern man departs in the search for new experiences, but en route sees his destination continuously move, as described by Baudelaire in the poem “Le Voyage”, because his desire for knowledge grows.
This feeling of unrest that characterises the contemporary traveller is an introduction to my research into living in the city.
Real travellers and “travellers of thought” are the protagonists of my imaginary city: through the construction of a 3D model and the creation of a series of short stories, I represent a new scenario-city, where my guests-travellers cross each other, choose the most suitable arrangement and interact with the sedentary inhabitants.