EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 21 of 195  
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Adriana Cappellari (ITALIA), Elisa Monegato (ITALIA)
In order to reassemble Everyvilles fragmented pieces, we can neither rely on the construction of a center nor on the application of a univocal rule imposed equally for all. Each citizen experiences the city and personalizes it through the creation of his own paths. The sum of these individual paths is similar to a NETWORK.
As much as we move about the territory creating our own city through our own personalized paths, we believe it is senseless to try to organize everything through a shared hierarchy. Moreover, it is impossible to create a single identity since values and traditions are overlapped by a mixture of experiences and cultures which cannot be synthesized into a whole. INTEGRATION is missing.
Our proposal is to intervene where these various paths meet, through OPEN strategies that evolve through time and are able to cope with the changes that are spontaneously produced by the citizens. Therefore a magnetic field comes to life in which these parts are constantly redefined.