EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 22 of 195  
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Nadia Saglietti (ITALIA), Enza Russo (ITALIA), Andrea Tabusso (ITALIA)
Everyville is an independent city, far away the period when it was only a Megalopolis’ suburb. Its history was marked by a breaking point, when in 2010 river Medio flooded and destroyed almost all the previous settlement. After 3 weeks no-stopping rain the river’s banks couldn’t hold up water forces and there was a terrifying flood, the plain around Everyville and the city itself were completely submerged from water and anything else was transported by the river. Fortunately flood happened during the morning, when Everyville was almost empty because 87% of population is usually spend all day in the city, Megalopolis, to work or study, so Everyville was living a typical day of every urban suburb. Since 2011 Everyville started its rebuilding: the first step was providing of a focus point in the city, representative of people’s will power. The most suitable place, identified by a popular survey, was intersection between Avenue Z and Street X, coinciding with settlement’s centre.