EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 113 of 195  
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Liza Erling (BRAZIL), Luiza Villela (BRAZIL), Camila Curi (BRAZIL)
An organism in motion. A spreading structure carrying both new buildings and common spaces. The proposal takes advantage of the previous urban mesh, navigating trough the existing architectural monuments of Everyville, The coexistence of different period’s architectures now reflects a space undergoing changes; the image of a city in evolution.
Guided by the primary roads, the proposed solution immediately attaches to some existing equipments, simultaneously making way for a future expansion. The new objects can adapt itself to this old plan, as well as configure smaller scale spaces, “magnets” for social interaction. These create emotional links with the new city, developing our sense of community; the civic sense.
Interaction becomes the main characteristic of Everyville’s nature. In every ville, there are people in motion, people meeting, ordinary happenings…In Everyville, all those things can happen at the same place.