EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 114 of 195  
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Laura Mc Donnell (IRELAND)
The world is a series of frames set in tow like a carcass. People are moving .If you sit still you clothe your frame . The architecture is making the cloth as you move. There is an underworld and an overworld. The underworld is the storer and the overworld your place being re made. The cloth catches light,wind,rain and can transform the elements into energy. The cloth is continuosly being recycled and re spun. People are living, working and travelling around the frames. The architecture stretches and unfolds it is both a ruin and constantly ruined by the inhabitation.The main image describes the cloth tracking the carcass and the ramp circuit or main body of circulation for the inhabitants.The plan drawing shows the effect of the architectures deposits and the model image shows the frames capturing the land below along the axial and disfigured path lines.