EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 175 of 195  
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andreas faoro (ITALIA), francesca rizzetto (ITALIA)
Pieces of city
The city of Everyville is conceived like an infrastructure
Everyville is delimited from a infrastructural bundle: giant ring.
The mechanics of the grill of it defines the structure.
The grll has more centers.
The city is developed along a public infrastructure where in the main aces they come combines to you to services and public functions.
The net is a political form.
Everyville proposes various cities to its inside
Linear city, city garden, vertical city, patio city.
The community of Evryville acknowledges in the agricultural use of the atmosphere not like exploitation but like to negotiate of the relationship between man and nature.
Everyville feeds itself. The community that in it lives works also for this.
Everyville works in order to have use of of the water in more intelligent way
Collecting it conserved and distributing it with a system that leaves from the river basin/lake until winds along the net of irrigation of the fields and the forest.