EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 176 of 195  
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fabrizio sartori (ITALIA), fabrizia benedetti valentini (ITALIA), serena vizioli (ITALIA)
To the Earth’s Belly

Everyvillians will take care of their land.
The architect suggests the citizens to learn from the body, and proposes a method, a participated open solution:
as an organism grows proceeding from its cells, the new community will develop its own city growing around e-motive nucleus.
People plan to create three valley dipping to the Earth’s belly and to dedicate each of them to vital-critical requirements:
BIOENERGY, FOOD and WATER, felt by the community as primary necessities to let the urban organism evolve according to its natural attitude.
They will use advanced technologies to communicate, to get natural/artificial light through small and large pipes and to acquire solar/wind power
→ Yellow Valley:
conversion, storage and sharing of energies.

They will eat natural products
→ Green Valley:
growing, storage and sharing of food.

They will use aquifer and recycle rain water
→ Blue Valley:
storage, filtering, and sharing of water.