EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 110 of 195  
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Giuseppe Lorenzi (ITALIA)
Being, as Heiddeger said, is not what it is, but happens. We must emphasize the end of the architectural identification process with the structural stability of the data in favor of the event. This leads to rethink the project in wider scenarios of relations, fostering the interference and empasizing contamination, stressing the processing capacity. Stability is no longer a given data, but the result of dynamic balance. Paths and tissues, spaces and places, enviroments and contexts, events, flows and processes are interiorized as a genetic memory. The dynamism prevails over statics, the metamorphosis over stability, everything is flexible and determinable in various configurations, but predictable. We need to think about a changing urban world, a world that is escaping interpretations which move from the principle of identity: the need for roots and ownership of inhabited area.