EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 116 of 195  
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Urban Greenhouses

Everyville could be any city, neither too big nor too small. It would be a city in lack of social link.
According to the sociologist Max Weber, the marketplace is the main public space of the city. The social link would be created by conviviality and sharing.
Diving into our personnal experiences, we identified a certain rural community closed to this idea of conviviality between inhabitants.
Allotments in a city are real lungs, sorts of testimonies of an agricultural heritage inherent to any culture. A garden depends on a climate, on seasons, but also on pleasure. This is the notion of pleasure that we have developed. Let’s be gardeners for a moment!
Let’s imagine the pleasure to see plants growing, to maintain it and to wait the best moment when we will be able to enjoy the fruits’ flavours.
Our proposition aims at finding this rural conviviality by an hybrid of allotments, market stands, greenhouses and circus caravans.