EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 117 of 195  
Loh Boon Poh BP page 1 (page 2)
Two Worlds
The scheme seeks to examine and probe a sense of community and to reflect the horrors of modernism and industrialization that undermines this. Based on critical texts on modernism, it constructed two different worlds – a world of individualism with high rise isolated cells affected by mass production, technology and modernism and another world of collective community engagement and spirit.
The horrific image of World One depicts what the future city can become without careful thoughts. Community gets individualized and every building looks similar with no characteristics and identity. World Two allows community living, playing and working. They have movable low rise structures that allow them to move freely to merge with others for interactions and sharing services. There are pedestrian alleys that encourage them to walk/cycle to engage with people. Each unit has a fruit tree.
The two worlds constantly reflect upon each other how these has affected their community.