EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 74 of 195  
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Elmi city offers to every person the basic need of a huge living space.
But that does not change the household of being closed in itself from the environment. It is a situation without exchange of information and social progress.
This problem is observed in all cities, which don’t have a dense structure, like this.
We want to help the people STEP BY STEP to find themselves, felling good in a open society.
How: first, we give them a place which is different from the known open official ones. We create an INTIMATE meet point, without attracting to much attention.
Second: these people feel after this POWERFUL enough to open themselves and RISE OUT the hidden areas.
They wish to connect with other people from similar common spaces: a system, a NETWORK is growing.
They are now interested in a more visual communication and content of the view. A content with profound perspective, conscience of nature and most of all people from different works, of different ages.