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Elizabeth Mulligan (IRELAND)
“There is nothing in this world as invisible as a monument.”
– Robert Musil, Posthumous Papers of a Living Author

Everyville is umbilically connected to Megalopolis.

It is the McDonalds solution to the desire for a country-living-city-working lifestyle. It is projected to sprawl twofold in the next decade, killing the dairy industry it is replacing. How can the generic become specific to a place that it destroys as it grows?

Working the land is the key.

Everyville is thoughtless. It sprawls above the ground, assuming the infrastructure beneath will support it. This wastewater infrastructure will be over-extended in 10yrs. Expensive backward planning will be essential. Over 60% of domestic wastewater is greywater (not toilet water), and can be cleaned naturally in constructed wetlands & reused domestically for non-potable tasks.