EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 77 of 195  
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Kelvia Oliveira Alcantra Maia (BRAZIL), Yana Crys A. Hissa Medeiros (BRAZIL), Felippe Fideles de Souza Nunes (BRAZIL), Bruno Perdigão de Oliveira (BRAZIL), Marcelo Cleiton Bacelar de Arruda Filho (BRAZIL), Milena Alves Távora Pereira (BRAZIL), Ricardo Azevedo de Alcantara e Silva (BRAZIL)
The project consists in a public space, which contains a device capable of reading people, to share interests and information. The place will mold itself according to the information's combination (tastes, memories, mood) of the different people who are there. Then, everyone will have a bit of themselves in the space, making a personal identification. The square will have translucent panels that carry most of the city’s information, connected to schools, offices, the mall and people’s residences. The Square will be a MEDIAtor space: a one that mediates the people and the town, the real and the virtual, through the media. The space will be virtually shortened. Consequently, over the time, the square will expand through the city for being extremely useful and already be part of the citizens’ life and the residential areas will grow vertically, giving space to the square, the streets will be pushed to the edges of the city, and some functions will be totally attended by the square.