EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 78 of 195  
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Sveva Brunetti (ITALIA), Giulio Aleandri (ITALIA), Marco Antonacci (ITALIA), Daniele Coderoni (ITALIA)
Megalopoli is the XXI century's metropolis, consolidated through the years by obsessive planning gestures without keeping into account the individual and collective needs of their inhabitants, which, deprived of their own identity, decided to colonize the south-west area looking for a direct link with the earth, primordial plastic matter. In the attempt to recover the physical contact with a still integral and uncontaminated landscape, they undertook a journey through the inside of the earth and of themselves, looking for a place able to satisfy the needs of the collectivity. They matched against the orographic development of the ground, made of hollows and strong dips, and they moulded it towards their needs giving life to Everyville. Into the earth they modeled the new settlement, wrapping private and individual spaces into the natural stratifications. The space of the social and human relationships is total, it’s a moor of relations, the maximum expression of collectivity.