EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 119 of 195  
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mikael raimondo (ITALIA), nicola canessa (ITALIA), luisa gambetta (ITALIA), gaia grossi (ITALIA), simone perrone (ITALIA), paolo bartoletti (ITALIA), nicola olcese (ITALIA)
To the Mayor and the City Council of Everyville

Our proposal for your city lies not in one completely designed representative space or singular building that can brand the city, without really involving the urban dynamics and changing the life style of the people who lives in Everyville, today and tomorrow. Instead we offer you a model for urban development which consist in the planning of several focal points distributed all over the urban tissue and interconnected through different nets, like green and public transport, so that there is not a place that can be called peripheric. It is the whole system of focal points that form the organism of the city, because each of them is both able to satisfy the basic necessity of the city dwellers and contain specific public services. The project aims at not running out of its potential in just one decade, but to be flexible enough so that it can meet the demand of a non-stop growing city.