EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 106 of 195  
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Jasmine Kenniche (FRANCE)
The existing city was composed by two farms (big A and small B), which are use like museum space for their big free space. Workshops and arts school are developed around these farms, which create the cultural and artistic community of Everyville.
The idea of community gowed up by the developping of a module. Each module generates a district. The diversity of the typologies is the key of this city’s wealth.
City centre is organising around towers that allows regrouping the maximum people and activities on a small surface to create congestion. These towers generate the main street of the city, from the north to the south. Every district is connecting to this avenue, which begins the main meeting area of the city, and the most important. You can see the mix of different cultures that give the wealth of Everyville. The East park create a breathing in the city. The city is delimited by a square which fix the limit of the city and so force the city to renew itself.