EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 106 of 195  
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Jasmine Kenniche (FRANCE)
The skyline is drawing. Sitting against the window of the subway’s car n°2, an urban landscape spread in front of these eyes. The situation is really ambigous, the perception of this space is familiar, but in a perpetual movement . Everyday the same feeling. Quiet in a frenetic agitation. The belong to a place in spite of an intellectual loneliness.
From this highest point, the fonctionnality of the city is perceptible as a whole.
To move away from the departure point (in the Megaopolis) which become just a skyline in the landscape like the Tall Ones, to go to Call centers in the western area.
The journey become curve into Everyville and create a dynamic in the regular urban grid (500 x 500 meters). The curve is ponctuated by several stops at each intersection with the grid. This grid is the support of the secondary flow transport on the street level.