EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 108 of 195  
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Ji Young Kim (SOUTH KOREA)
Everyville, New Exurban Community
Generic City: Discrete and Continuous Transportation

Communication and transportation infrastructures emerge as the most evident LINES of the current urban-territorial system. These lines are converted into reference lines for the future organization of the city. As an independent system, they are hierarchical and mono-functionally stratified constructions. Their inter-changeability and continuous flows between different systems are defined through a complex levels of superposition of VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL uses of STRUCTURES.
The city resides on multi-dimensional interwoven networks and it interferes with the existing orthogonal grid system, either XY or XZ direction. Varying degrees of scaling and repetition of units of discrete systems create hybrid continuous structures. These gradual processes of intertwining interact with the height, spacing and the empty space of the city.