EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 10 of 10
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Alessandro bava (ITALIA), luigi alberto cippini (ITALIA), olivia cicelyn comneno (ITALIA), nicola vascellari (ITALIA)
No more space pornography.The space has ceased to be seductive.There are other space experiences -or rather other Geografies: the relationship between the google homepage and then the results page imply a transition of space, a pending, a threshold, a distance. Ultimately a leap of scale. This city is a parody of the neutral space: NO NEUTRAL SPACE . This approach has to become method , against all neutralization pose, in full knowledge that movement scratch perennially space, it is not, by itself, something manipulated:everything has not already given.Space,legacy of strategic pattern, is loss of sensitive: an intangible core that while shading remains intact, most real of reality since bordering with his own virtuality.Is the strategy to abandon the time of the project, deserting space that was believed neutral.