EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 178 of 195  
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Benedetta Gianfranchi (ITALIA), Azzurra Guido (ITALIA), Valentina Lunari (ITALIA), Lara Confetti (ITALIA), paola Di Masi (ITALIA), Mariele Bivona (ITALIA)
Can we turn environmental emergencies into models of development? We shall adopt a garbage dump as our model, a Public Company that should be managed by a Public Limited Company. The PLC is co-owned by the Municipality (85%) and by resident private investors (15%).
The private investors will earn a yearly profit equal to 10%, by managing the refuse coming from Megalopolis and other neighbouring areas. Whereas the Municipality will be able to cut local taxes, costs for transports and public canteens, create new structures and services for the community, favour the purchase of houses through funding systems, provide incentives for solar and photovoltaic panels.
The natural fermentation process of buried garbage will produce biogas, useful for the production of electric energy and exploitable for public transports. Any electric surplus production shall be sold to other companies.
25 thousand tons of garbage are estimated to produce an approximate yearly profit of € 18,000,000.