EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 100 of 195  
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Hyukjin Kang (NETHERLANDS)
In the internet era, the concept of community has been often regarded as a virtual, non-place based space for communication. Regardless of the virtues of virtual community, we have lost the common sense of place where we really belong. For this reason, the notion for new community should start with by a new sense of place. How to foster a common spatial memory can be a basic element in establishing any new community. Our childhood memories involving Hiding were not merely play for play’s sake but also a process of perceiving space. In addition to the great fun of ‘Hide and Seek’ we also rekindle that special spatial sensation of where we are actually hiding. People can join in to share the experience and moreover hiding itself provides an incentive to join in the game even in the middle of daily life. The hiding box in daily space provides the same sensitivity of place to all citizens in Everyville. This common spatial experience will help provide a civic sense for community.