EveryVille Competition by La Biennale di Venezia -  project 99 of 195  
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Iulia Hurducas (ROMANIA)
The BUBBLEGENESIS produces personal identity through self expression, and social cohesion through integration.
Personal identity is produced through exteriorizing one’s inner sphere by using bubble-gum. Social cohesion is achieved through the continuous interaction between bubbles, by touching, rubbing and pressing. The aim is to integrate the individual bubbles into the psycho-social bubble of the community. The process has three phases, first touching at the shopping strip, learning to rub and to press at school, and effervescently communicating in open air. Permeability is censored, exchanges with the surroundings are filtered, so the community can enjoy its own climatic and psycho-social environment. Journeys in the digital space happen every instant. The outer physical world is seen through one’s own bubble.
The delicate flavor of the place is to be had in the hovering there in a state of effervescent communication, protected from EVERYVILLE’s psycho-social bubble