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asaf mayer (israel), diego prilusky (united kingdom), carlos guzman (germany)
From the Calabrian coast, looking over the Messina Strait, an illusion can be seen by which the Sicilian coast seems closer and even reflected in the horizon. This phenomenon occurs because rays of light are bent as they pass through air layers of different temperature. Fata Morgana is tied to the fairy Morgana, who tricked Roger the Norman on his quest to conquer Sicily.
From the Calabrian coast, looking over the mountainous landscape, a vision can be seen by which the viaduct glimmers in the sun. This phenomenon occurs when rays of light radiate on a photovoltaic panel and converted into electricity. Antonymous to the illusion, sun light harvesting is a reality. Fata Solare entails the fantastic solar potential and the aspiration for sustainability.
Turn the site from a via to a destination,
Revitalise and complement the landscape,
Provide clean energy for local public usage,
Involve the community,
Create a new public space,
Relate solar technology to architecture