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philippe rizzotti (france), vermet tanguy (france), manal rachdi (france), samuel nageotte (france)
The concept consists in volumizing the bridge.
In order to colonize the piles we improve their inertia with a tense spiral encircling them at a 2m offset. Then a horizontal structure surrounding the pile creates aerial plots to welcome the housing program.
The decks are thickened to support three levels of public spaces, landscape and technical flows.
- rainwater from the decks = 45.000m3/y
- rainwater tanks situated in the tunnels for energy production and domestic consumption
- greywater treatment by phytoremediation, and highly polluted water by methanisation
- domestic gas = from organic waste methanisation
- electricity production = geothermal power from hot dry rock technology
1- restoration of the existing (10%)
2- landscaped route arranged on the seaside decks (20%)
3- electric/sanitary networks (25%)
4- new metallic structure (45%)
5- colonization (self-financed)
6- geothermal power plant (European grant)