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alfredo morelli (italy)
The proposal is for two different structures: a surface subway and a photovoltaic greenhouse. The first to be carried out on the highway north-south highway and the second north-south. The surface subway, connecting Bagnara at Scilla has been designed with photovoltaic roofs and photovoltaic bulkheads. You may prepare the stops in the vicinity of the highway closest to the sea in panoramic position. One of these may already be at the rest area equipped "Lady of the Water" that would still be serving refreshments.
The solar greenhouse will be visited by metro line and then could be to include the islands of rest and refreshment at the metro stations. The energy required to underground, to the greenhouse for the maintenance of plants, the refreshment area, the lighting of tunnels and everything will be powered by energy produced by photovoltaic panels covering the two structures and / or 's integration of the electricity grid in the event it were needed.