project category 1: PIANO - London Brg Tower  
Trance CELL  
Sky office spaces are commonly defined by two surfaces (the ceiling and the floor) and then sub-divided by partitions into workstations and rooms. This spatial dullness and singularity drives us to design an office space which not only allows multiple functions and meanings to overlap but also invites new interpretation from users, leading to creative use of space. We started by folding surfaces to form autonomous and meaningless spaces that open up to endless possibilities in order to accommodate a wide range of events generated by users’ interpretations. FOLD G (the red element) is a demo of such idea. FOLD G may serve as a discussion room for a work group while its surface becomes a projection screen. The playfulness of FOLD G may also allow it to be interpreted as an office nursery. Users’ creativity may also transform FOLD G into a library or a bar. FOLD G’s ability to house various functions satisfies the everchanging demands of modern offices.
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