project category 6: WRIGHT - One Mile High  
Heralding the style of Wright's tower as a long forgotten whimsy in oppulence - we revisit those times of openly rich corporations. We all admit to the feeling of Gemütlich when visiting a Gucci store, then why not bring all those qualities of luxury into the office/working environment. Every surface and texture is there to manipulate and tantalise the senses, the aroma of leather, fine wood, the sensuality and warmth of those materials, contrasted with the beautiful machine-aesthetic of solid chunks of aluminium, anodised or brushed, these are materials and workmanship to stand the test of time. As the workplace becomes more diverse, some heading towards an ecological imperative, others towards personalisation and again more towards group working, there will always be a niche for those who care about timeless qualities. As William Morris said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
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